Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Closest Thing to Time Travel

So I came back to talk to you about the pointlessness of ties and ears. However I'm afraid you'll have to keep your suspense in check for now. I decided not to. They are pointless after all!

Now I'm staring at an almost blank screen with no title and a feeble introduction, so if you're still here, either you are extremely polite or you think I was just bluffing about not discussing ties and ears. I wasn't. Sorry.

In points of desperation such as now - me desperately trying to procrastinate from studying - I am swerved to tell you about the random thoughts in my head which I encountered today.

Last night I tweeted: "In a way, Sarah's already awake... To her it's probably 12 noon or something..." By last night I mean about 5am. I didn't sleep much, you may be able to tell. I did wake up at 12 noon however. That's 7 hours. Borderline healthy.
That is not the point!
My point is about the tweet. I was referring to the idea that to us, sleep is short, almost instantly over, depending on how much of your dreams you can recall. Nothing really happens to us in the hours we are asleep, and when we wake up it's as though we've just fast forwarded to the next day.
My sister had been asleep for about 5 hours until I managed to drag myself from the internet. So if sleep is momentary, she's been awake for about 5 hours! For her, it'll be the afternoon and I was still stuck at 5 in the morning! She's traveled into the future without me. Crazy.

Maybe that's the closest we'll get to time travel. Too bad we couldn't communicate. That'd be useful. Sarah could have told me how much I wouldn't like the chicken soup I ate for lunch. Handy.

... That'll do for a title! I'll type that in now... Done!

Today we've had a few calls from one of those annoying people who try to sell you things. We all hate them, don't we? Thing is, sometimes when it's one of these callers, I'm relieved. I come across as a bubbly and weird in real life as much as I may online but when it's a face to face interaction, the other person doesn't have a choice but to listen to my continuous nattering. Online, this choice is optional.

The thing is, when I begin rambling on and on, I just can't stop! This is why, when those annoying callers call, I can hang up! That way said caller doesn't have to regret their call to my house!

Sarah just came into my room to tell me we're having Chinese for tea tonight. Nice!

Wan't to know what I hate? When I'm asked to repeat myself! Ugh! I live in a house where if I speak to fast, my mother (who is also partially deaf) will ask me to repeat myself maybe, three or four times! My father and sister understand me, but I come out with the most outrageous things they too have to stop me and ask what on earth I was going on about. My friends and most of my family understand me. You get used to it! Thank goodness!

I bring this upon myself.

Not so much a blank screen now.

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